20% off at the outlets?

  1. does anyone know if this sale is still going on at the outlets? also, do you think the folsom outlet will have any sales going when they open or does it take awhile for a new outlet to have sales? thanks.
  2. When I was working at an outlet in California we got all of our markdowns from Coach, so as far as I know all of the Outlets have the same sales.
  3. thanks for the quick answer. i'll be heading over to folsom when it opens. i wonder if they'll carry any of the signature lines. i know that in northern california, only the petaluma outlet carries the signature lines, but it's 1 1/2 hour away.
  4. I know That is such a bummer. I can't wait till it opens either! Maybe we will see each other there on opening day! Is it still set for the 18th (this friday)?
  5. not sure what sale you are referring to.. they always have 20% off the clearance, sometimes 30% off or more.. but the additional 10% off ended before Christmas. HTH! :tup:
  6. The extra percentages off (like the 20% off clearance) I think that is what she was referring to.:angel:
  7. I was at Lee, MA outlet today and they still had the extra 20% and 30% off clearance items. Not sure if that happens all the time as the first time I stepped foot in that store was Thurs (and the sale was going on then). But today I scored a great deal with an extra 30% off the outlet reduced price on a Soho mini sig small flap bag ("factory price"=$199, priced on the wall at $149, I got it for $104 after the extra 30% off).

  8. I was there yesterday, they had sooo much stuff. I was banned from buying anything :sad: but they had


  9. and this too


  10. last one, (sorry guys for all the pics, I dont know the names so I got pics from the website)


    I so wanted to buy the bleecker signature checkboook wallet that was only 99 plus 20% off and I am kicking myself right now for listening to DH. :sad:
  11. Can you order stuff from the outlets? if you do... do you get the percentage off? How much is shipping? Thanks!
  12. Nope. Not if you want to get the discounted prices. You can go to your closest outlet and have them do a charge send from an outlet farther away if your outlet doesn't have what you want and the other one does.
  13. When I was in Vegas in November they had 20% off a whole wall of clearance. Went to Primm (half hour away) and they had the same things but no 20% off. I drove back into Vegas to get the better deal.

    No, they don't all do the same sales. WHY I don't know.
  14. I have to get to the outlet...I need a fix.
  15. Will Lily be on sale during the Feb annual sale? Thanks :wlae: