20% off at Shop Intuition (website only)

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  1. (from Glamour October 2006)

    20% OFF at Shop Intuition
    They've got cool Whim tops, Dita sunglasses and all things Joie -- go to shopintuition.com and enter "glamour girl" at checkout. Offer valid on website only; some restrictions apply on selected merchandise.

    Valid: 9/6/2006 - 10/31/2006
  2. cool thanks
  3. I love shop intuition! thanks!
  4. thanks for the code!
  5. just be aware, shipping is really slow, took a month to get what i ordered.
  6. thanks~ i think it expired but lets give it a try!
  7. also, just as an FYI, i've had completely miserable customer service EVERY time i've tried to order from them. most recently, i tried to order using this 20% code, and they told me the item i wanted was excluded, despite the fact that the exclusions are listed on the website and this bag was NOT on the list (botkier bianca).

    i love their stuff, but refuse to shop with them any more....just not worth it. and yes, shipping is slllooooowwww. :sad:
  8. Yes, they're VERY slow, Last year I ordered the True Religeon Joey jeans, and I waited very patiently for 3 weeks and emailed them at least 3x, they NEVER replys !! So I ordered another jeans on Revolveclothing, and the one I ordered from Shop Intuition came after 2 month after ordering, without informing me about the delay, no emails, etc.... :cursing: So I end up returning one of them... POOR customer service... I doubt I will ever shop there again.:s:Push:
  9. I completely agree. They took a month to actualy get my item sent out and they send it out and turns out they told Fedex the wrong addres and now i'm waiting on a item that they have to file to fedex. WORST customer service... EVER
  10. Oh, my...I think that I'll pass then...thanks for all your input.
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