20% off at Sephora

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  1. Awesome, thanks!!
  2. Oh god, I LOVE the friends and family discount at Sephora. My credit card is scared, though :sad:.
  3. I thought it was only good through Nov. 21.
  4. Thanks for posting. I got the Anastasia brow kit. They're also having a promo with free shipping if you spend over $50.00.
  5. At the point you spend over $75.00 shipping is free. Sephora site is very user friendly and lets you know exactly how much more you need to spend to qualify as you go along. The code listed also worked for the 20% off. This is the time to stock up!:yes::tup:
  6. Thanks for posting. I started christmas shopping.
  7. what a great deal, I feel like I'm in a candy shop
  8. does anyone know if they will credit you the 20% if you already placed an order? i JUST ordered about $75 worth of stuff on the 11th before i saw this discount code! :crybaby: wondering if it's too late to get the discount still?? sounds like i could've gotten free shipping too! maybe i'll call them tomorrow and see what they say...
  9. Just ordered a bunch of makeup! Thanks!!!!!!!

    I got the Dior mascara, shiseido concealor and clinique liquid makeup..good time to stock up!
  10. is there 20% off for everything in the stores too?
  11. You may be right, I got this via a friend and she may have the dates wrong. So best to order early!:tup:
  12. thanks for posting!!
  13. ooooh thanks for the info....I definitely need to replenish my supply! :tup:

  14. It includes the stores, however, you'd need an actual F&F card to use in the store itself. I already tried going to 2 stores and they would not budge no matter what! I was quite upset but I did notice that the online store actually carries more stuff than the stores do. I thought it was quite weird. I just walked into the store and made a list of stuff to buy online.