20% off at Revolveclothing.com!

  1. Through December 31st, you can 20% off at Revolveclothing.com by entering the code REVOLVESTYLEWATCH at checkout.
  2. sale stuff too?
  3. uh it only applies to certain stuff
  4. Restricted to certain brands like TR, 7FAM, Kooba, etc.

    Thanks for the post.
  5. didn't work on TR for me unless it was reg price TR
  6. So it would've taken off 20% if the TRs weren't on sale? I'm surprised b/c the most they give is 15% off on TRs.
  7. it says it only works for
    camila and marc lizzie frock in silver or something
  8. Hmmm...I got the code from People Style Style watch, and it said to see website for exclusions. I wish they would just tell customers what is excluded up front. I wouldn't have bothered posting the code if I thought it wouldn't work for half the stuff on the site! :push: