20% off at Bliss plus free shipping

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  1. 20% off at Blissworld.com plus free shipping. Ends 2/15. Enter code POINTS
  2. thanks for posting
  3. #3 Feb 9, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2010
    Thank you! I was looking for the code throughout the entire catalog but couldn't find it!

    Hmm, the promo on the catalog is "15% off all orders $50+" but no code.

    POINTS doesn't seem to work on anything in my cart! :sad:
  4. any new bliss deals or new welcome codes?
  5. thanks...
  6. bump
  7. 15% thru 5/27 June10
  8. ^^^
    fyi when i put things in my cart after receiving that email, it only gave me 15% off a single bliss-branded item, not the entire order.

    also i think only the free shipping goes through 06/10, but not the 15% off discount. it might finish today.

  9. I've encountered the same thing - the discount only applies to Bliss brands not everything on the site
  10. and it only applies to ONE bliss item.

    my order was all bliss and it only deducted the discount from one item.
  11. is the discount word points or..? :sweatdrop: i'm trying to order something and points doesn't seem to work even though the item is bliss..TIA!
  12. email stated is for bliss items, ohhh and also remede (sp?)
  13. just got an email from bliss
    free summer kit with $75 purchase code: summer
    end 5/30
  14. Just wondering can you stack codes at bliss?
  15. i am 95% sure it's a no.