20% off at Bagsbuy and Shoebuy

  1. Now until the 28th of November :tup: I got this email today.


  2. Shoebuy sales are awesome. they also have a 10% off that applies automatically to every order (you have to sign up for it) AND you can use a rebates program (the one that isn't luckyrewards) and get another 10%.

    Total = 40% off. :tup:
  3. If you use the code, and the 10% off customer program shoebuy has AND your rebate programs 18% cyber monday deal (the program that starts with an E) = 48% off.

  4. How do you get the cyber monday deal?? I want a pair of Umi boots for my daughter. Thanks.
  5. it won't let me put in any additional code when I try to place an order. It automatically takes 20% off and does not have any place to put in additional codes.