20% off apple leather care @ leatherstuff.com

  1. Just enter "clearance" in the promo box & it will give you 20% off entire purchase. It ends midnight on Jan 15
  2. Thanks... I was going to order some stuff and I forgot. Now I must order. I hope this stuff is as good as you all say!
  3. Oh, darn - I just bought some from them a few days ago! Oh, well - it wasn't very expensive at least;)
  4. Darn!! I just missed this by a few days. :push: But, yeah, it is not that pricey to begin with - but I still love a deal :yes:
  5. FYI - they are out of the Apple Care kits even though they are still posted on the site - I ordered that last week and they just sent me an email saying they couldn't ship until 1/23 so I cancelled that today and just reordered the products separately - they have all of that and can ship same day -just not kits.
  6. Thanks for the code. I've never bought this stuff but have heard really good things about it.
  7. Thanks, I've read lots about this stuff so a code was all the incentive I needed to buy some.
  8. I remember reading about this stuff in another thread but of course *ahem* I cant search for it. Do you guys like it? Would you recommend a bottle of leather care, or leather cleaner, or the kit? Should I start wiht a small size?

    I like to have leather care handy not only for my handbags but its handy to put a little drop on the back my couch when my cat feels the need to jump up there with her little razor feet. I have a $6 bottle I got from Coach but am intrigued by this stuff. Any thoughts?
  9. gah, guess i missed it.