20% off apple garde and other stuff btw 6/1-6/18

  1. I just got my Conditioner and spray yesterday at Berlington's Coat Factory and they were $4.95 each. I don't know how much shipping is on Leatherstuff.com but I thought it was a great deal there.

    Now, I just have to get a Magic Erasure. I hate that they come in 4 packs. The two packs were like Heavy Duty and Super Scrubby Side (or something like that) those scares me, that sounds too harsh for my little Speedies.
  2. oops, sorry, I must of hit the clicky too many times!
  3. i called a burlington near me and they said they didn't carry it so i ordered mine from leatherstuff.
  4. I can't get to the leatherstuff site. When I click it just says the page is unavailable.
  5. i would try and do a google search. maybe the link i posted is bad.
  6. dammit i just bought mine the other weeek
  7. coooool, i just put my order in, they take paypal!!! i got the cleaner conditioner and the water proof thing. i can't wait to start buttering up my balenciagas! haha
  8. Thanks so much - time to tidy up my babies.
  9. Thanks Chigirl!! I'm just about out of the appleguard and this will come in handy.
  10. The code isn't working for me. I enter it at the time of checkout but it doesn't take off anything?
  11. Correction: Promotion code is dad , not FATHERS DAY
  12. I just picked up a can at BCF! So glad I checked here!
  13. thanks for the useful info:ty:
  14. This thread is old....from 2006!!
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