20% Neiman Marcus Last Call - Who saw what?

  1. I see there are some stores w/ 20% off...anyone see any Blakes - if so what color? I still want a Blake (but an ahem, AUTHENTIC one).
    Did anyone see any Peacocks out there? I guess that is the AUTHENTIC color I would love....;) hugs to all

    (no new news ;(
  2. I didn't see any Blakes today but Neiman Marcus Last Call in Denver, CO has the following bags:

    Multipocket in Cantaloupe for $537 + 20% off
    Multipocket in Maroon for $625 + 20% off
    Multipocket in Fuschia for $610 + 20% off
    New Sophia in Emerald for $626 + 20% off
    New Sophia in Washed Rose for $610 + 20% off
    Small Selma in Passion Fruit for $659 + 20% off
    Kirsten in Acorn for $476 + 20% off
    Kirsten in Dark Forest for $476 + 20% off
    Kirsten in Light Petrol Blue for $476 + 20% off
    Mini Satchel in Stark White for $450 + 20% off
  3. I called almost all of the NM Last Calls yesterday!! :yucky: None had Blakes; I'm looking for one as well (also looking for a Stella). Most of them had small MPs, new Sophias, and Kirstens.
  4. Sandpiper, when you called, did any of the stores mention having a lg. MP in pink or yellow by any chance?
  5. Yes, I did ask about large mp's, and none of the stores had those either. Since I already have a small mp and love it, I would've bought a large mp in almost any color. I'm sure I drove those salespeople crazy!!:p
  6. Thanks, Sandpiper. You just saved me from making a bunch of calls. I cannot get over how difficult it is to find a lg. MP in pink or yellow!


  7. I am so sorry to hear that you still haven't found the MP that you are looking for!! I feel your pain a little bit, I am on the never ending search for a venetia and haven't had the right one find me yet. Anyone see any venetia's while this sale is going on? :push:
  8. I think maybe the NMLC in Sawgrass FL had a venetia, but not sure what color.
  9. I'm also on a search for a Blake. Too bad none of them had any. Did anyone see any zip clutches? I am beginning to think I am never going to find one on sale lol.
  10. I would LOVE to find a large MP on sale too.
    Any color, preferably with suede.
    Thanks for asking Sandpiper on the NM Last Calls - you saved me a bunch of calls too.
  11. NMLC in San Diego had 2 (small) multipockets in Emerald and Maroon.

    :heart: the Emerald color!

    That store usually has a good selection of MJ's, but they must of flew out the door during the sale.
  12. A girl on a different board i belong to said they had purple and green blakes at either nmlc or off 5th in philadelphia. She posted this last night. HTH!
  13. Just called there...again...and neither store had a Blake:sad: :sad:
  14. sowwy:crybaby:
  15. Have you tried calling the Milpitas LC? They usually have lots of good MJ bags.
    **crosses fingers for your Blake**