20% for all PFers at Stylefly.ca!

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  1. Hey all!
    I've gotten the go-ahead from the lovely Megs to post a special discount for all of my lovely Purse Forum friends to use in our online boutique!
    Here's all you need:

    Site Address: Stylefly Boutique (Canada- but we ship free in North America over $150)
    Discount: 20% off total (code must be entered in box before checkout)
    No expiry!
    Brands we carry: James Jeans, Rachel Pally, Lily McNeal, True Religion, Saint Grace, Ella Moss, Splendid and so much more! We also sell Purse Hanger hooks to protect your beloved bags;)

  2. How sweet of you! Thanks :flowers:
  3. :yahoo: Thank you Stylefly!!
  4. So Nice!! Thank You!
  5. Very nice, thank you so much.
  6. too cool-thank you!
  7. Aweesome !!Thank you!
  8. ooh thx! that's pretty nifty!
  9. Ah. thx. I'll check it out! I'm always into discounts =)
  10. Thanks for the code!
  11. that's awesome! thanks so much for thinking of us!!
  12. My pleasure! Thanks to all of you lovely ladies who have used the code and purchased from us :heart:
  13. That's very generous of you...many thanks.
    We are having a trunk show on Dec. 9th. PM me if you'd like details!!!:wlae: