20% Discount with opening Sax/Neiman Credit Card?

  1. Does the discount apply to Gucci?? I know sometimes those brands won't apply since its not "their" products. does anyone know??

  2. I opened a Saks card a few months ago and it applied to Gucci and cosmetics...but I only got a 10% discount, not 20 :sad:
  3. I was told 10% too, by the Saks SA that tried to get me to open an account.
  4. At NM. I was told the 10% was not instant and it is not a true 10% it was based on points. They would send you something in a few months.
  5. that sucks..you should contact their customer service. I just opened a Bloomingdale's account about 10 days ago because they offered 20% OFF of my purchase and just got the statement with the 20% applied.:yes:
  6. c4nt - you got 20% off Gucci? I dont think our Bloomies carries Gucci!
  7. oops sorry about that:sweatdrop: It was for Marc Jacob handbag that I purchased. And no, our Bloomies don't carry Gucci either in ATL.
  8. I don't know abut 20% off for opening a credit card, but our Saks carries Chanel (not a leased department) and the 10% applies to anything in the store (yes, including Chanel =)
  9. Saks gives you 10% off only for that day you use the discount. So that will apply to everything in the store including the designer items. NM does not offer discount when you open the card. They have point system. After you spend $5000 (or get 5000 points, sometimes they have double points week), you can redeem the points for a gift or $125 NM gift card. The points expire within a year though so you havet o plan accordingly.
  10. 20% off at bloomies is a great deal. too bad when I applied it was only 15% off.
  11. when saks does friends/family (once a year, i think?), if you open a card, they are able to combine the discounts and give you 30% off. i want to say f/f occurrs a little after back-to-school, but before holiday stuff starts up.

    not everything was included last year, but several brands including gucci, marc and chloe were. i know prada was excluded, as was some fine jewelry and cigars.
  12. when I got my card, I only got 10%