20% coupon @ Century 21

  1. hello everyone.
    newbie reporting to duty! :sweatdrop:
    i've been learning a lot from the posts and thought it was time to register~
    wanted to share the wealth of the 20% off coupon @ century 21...works on tokis of course..have fun shopping! (the page needs to printed and works till monday) hope this hasn't been posted already..don't want to double-post.
  2. hello! and welcome! :biggrin: lol

    wish i could make use of it.. too bad there's no century21 where i live.
  3. Hi! Glad you've jumped in!

    Too bad I can't check it out. But if anyone finds a small inferno something with a watermelon guy on it.....
  4. omg frogbubbles .. there was 1 inferno bella there today with watermelon guy on the back ... lol but that's not good i guess cuz then no one could see him when u wear it ...
  5. how much are bellas at c21 80?
  6. yup thats how much i got them for :yes:
  7. i saw paradiso bellas at the c21 @ paramus, nj.
    i think they were about $80-$85.

    they also had:
    Bambione - paradiso, arancia
    Scuola - paradiso
    Nuvola - foresta, paradiso, inferno
    Zucca - arancia
    Mama Mia - arancia
  8. if anyone spots an arancia bocce let me know. I'm not really fond of arancia but I think a bocce would be cute :biggrin:
  9. the bianco bocce is much cuter I think.. I actually kinda liked the arancia nuvola or zucca in person a bit..

    but i guess if you just want to have it in something small...
  10. i wish i could buy them...so far away from me!!!
  11. haha yeah I :heart: the bianco bags... I have a dolce and I got my mom a BV... I'm not very fond of orange but I saw an arancia bocce and I'd want it if someone could find it on sale! ;)
  12. they're 64 I think so with 20% off - it becomes 50-something with tax- do you care what's inside?? we'll see if you get lucky ;)

    I think of the solids I'd want bianco, then fumo..and maybe a black one...nah too many prints to catch up with already
  13. But I could wear it backwards...! :graucho:

    $80 and another 20% off? That might help console me for my lack of spiaggia.......
  14. what does the watermelon guy look like? i looked at some swatches of inferno prints and couldn't find him. just curious..he sounds cute~ :sweatdrop: