$20 back on $200 - for those with Discover Cards!

  1. Details in the link below!!! This promo is for Discover Card users. $20 back from $200 is 10%! woH:huh::huh: :flowers:


    This is copied from the website:
    "Get something extra when you do your holiday shopping this year: Head to one of over 160 participating shopping centers from November 1 - December 31, 2007, and you'll get a $20 Discover Gift Card for every $200 you spend on your Discover Card*.

    Just take $200 in Discover Card receipts from any store(s) at a participating mall or shopping center to Customer Service (or the Discover Card Booth) and redeem them for a $20 Discover Gift Card."
  2. sweet thats awesome! thanks!
  3. I saw this at my local mall - great deal. Next time I hit the stores, I will be using my Discover card.
  4. Thanks for posting, now I have a reason to use my Discover card this weekend.
  5. I always knew I should've gotten Discover...I wonder if any of the other cc companies are having any promos...
  6. Awesome! Thank you!
  7. you're all very welcome! usually just discover has these type of promos - as far as i know. I think it's because less people use their cards. Personally. I only use it when they have these and the 5% cash back promos b/c their limit is so tiny compared to my other cards.
  8. wow great deal! one of the malls that i shop at is included!