20/20 Hunting for Handbags, Finding the Fakes

  1. "So much of these luxury bags are about the presentation. It's everything from a box it comes in, the sleeper bag, the experience at the store. You're paying for all those things," said Cameron"

    I totally agree with this quote from that article. All in all this should be an interesting endeavor. I definitely want to see this.
  2. oh, i gotta see this!
  3. oooo i'm gonna set my tivo
  4. i am definitely watching it
  5. *Screams out the news to sister who also loves handbags*

    I can't wait!!!!!!!!!
  6. i'm watching it!
  7. Saw the promo on Good Morning America but had to leave for work...thanks for posting!!
  8. Wait, it says January 15, 2007???
  9. thanks for posting - I will be setting my TiVo. :smile:
  10. That's the dateline of the print/web story. 20/20 airs on Friday nights.
  11. thanks for posting!!! will be setting my dvr (just like tivo) too!
  12. Cool! Thanks for posting. I will be watching!
  13. oh, I saw a commercial for this earlier in the week. definitely looks interesting!!
  14. Love the article, will try to watch!