2 YSL Muse available at the Buffalo Exchange in Houston, TX

  1. Hi ladies :yes: ,
    My sister called me yesterday to let me know that at the Buffalo Exchange in Houston, TX on Westheimer has two YSL muse in a khaki-ish color and a dark brown color. So, I rushed over there myself today to take a look at them, but I have no idea what to look for. The sales rep told me they sell nothing but authentic items. The khaki colored muse was I think a XL size and was awesomely priced at $450 !!!! :yahoo: And the dark brown one, which was in better condition is I think size Large and was going for $700!!! :yahoo: They both look great to me but I passed on both because 1) the khaki colored one was too pale and too big!!! 2)the dark brown one is still out of my budget even though it is already half off on retail. So, if any of you ladies live in the Houston area, I think you should stop there to see if it is still available. When I left, they were still behind the counter where I told the SA to hold them for me! Good luck and whomever is lucky to get it, post pics!!!!!
  2. Wow. Those are good prices for those bags. Thanks for posting. Are these bags used?
  3. yes they are, but I believe the dark brown one is in better condition and this is why it costs considerably more.
  4. I think the dark brown one is the chocolate color. What color is the khaki color? Maybe I should call them and ask. That is such a good deal. I looked up Buffalo Exchange online and they sound like a good company. They have stores all over the US.
  5. i have no idea what color the khaki ish one is. sorry. Definitely call them and find out if they haven't been sold yet.
  6. The other day I went in there to look at them. Yes, the large chocolate Muse is in very good condition. I think that chocolate is the best color for the Muse. Also, it is perfect for fall. I wonder if they will reduce the price. Do they reduce prices if the items do not sell?
  7. the sa told me that the choco one is on "consignment" which means that if it doesn't sell, the seller will take it back.
  8. I was nosy and went in to check them out... The XL is a great size but the color is so bland. They also have a black Bottega Venetta (sp?) for $500 and a Black MC Speedy- not sure abt size- maybe 35? It was $750 but not in the best condition.
  9. They had a BV bag there? Do you know what kind it was? I asked them about consigment and they did tell me the same thing about how the seller could take the bag back if it does not sell. They said sometimes sellers will keep it on consignment longer or the seller can even lower the price.
  10. Safin-- it looked like the smaller size one to me. It's in the glass display case by the cash register, right next to a Fendi bag. I was there Monday afternoon. Are u thinking on getting one? :graucho:
  11. kahluamilk: Thanks for the picture. I am not sure if I will get the BV bag. It does look like a nice style. I might go there this weekend to check ou the size and to see what other bags they are selling.
  12. I saw the BV this weekend, but I don't really like it as much. I also saw both of the Muse bags there. The large chocolate Muse is now $500 or $550. I can't remember. They said that it is on consignment and the seller can change the price. That is such a good price on the bag. I almost got it, but I am getting a Gryson bag. I am also thinking about the new Miu Miu bag. Hopefully, someone here or some lucky person will get that Muse. It is in pefect condition.
  13. did u see that mc speedy? what did u think abt it?
  14. gosh i didn't know they would go down on the prices. i want the large choco so bad!!!
  15. oh man! i just called and they had sold the muse! i really wanted it, for that price especially!! they said the LV was still available tho...