2 yr old asks for food all the time!!

  1. My daughter is 2.5 and asks for food ALL the time!!! I don't know if this is a faze or what? I don't want to deny her food if she is actually hungry, but how can I tell? Sometimes she will ask for a sandwich or something 30 minutes after we have had lunch!!! Well actually she does this every day.. like 3 or 4 times a day.. she will ask for something at times when it is not "food" time. We normally have 3 meals a day and 2 or 3 snacks... I try to keep things healthy.. And she normally eats well at meal time, and eats a nice variety of food, veggies and everything!

    When she asks for candy I tell her no and then she asks for something else, like cookies and I say no, then she asks for chips(which are really rice cake snacks:graucho:) and I say no.. until she asks for fruit or a cheese stick, or carrots or anything somewhat healthy and I will give in... is she just trying me, to see if I will give in sooner or something?:lol: Does she just want attention? Is she hungry?

    She will even go to the pantry open it herself and go... "I want UMMMMMMM POPCORN!!" I will tell her no, it's not time for a snack... I need to keep her out of the kitchen:p
    Sorry about my rambling...

    I wish these kids came with a handbook sometimes! Do or did any of your kids do this?
  2. My 5 yr old is STILL doing this. And the thing is when I give in and give him what he wants, he usually doesnt even finish it. I think it's just to get attention or to see what I'll give into. Hoping he will get over it soon though.
  3. She is just learning about eating and I would consider yourself lucky. My 6 year old wont eat anything. As long asyou provide her with healthy snacks and she is not gaining weight your fine!! A childs metabolism is so high, she might be going through a growth spurt.
  4. Don't be worried! As long as she is eating well and maintaining a healthy weight, and you are not feeding her junk food I think that is perfectly fine. It's good to have a kid who doesn't have food problems. I've lost count of parents who've told me "My kid won't eat ANYTHING! He's such a picky eater!"

    My kid was - and still is like this. He's in a high percentile for his weight, but also for height, so he's not overweight but skinny and very tall for his age.
  5. I find that most kids are hungry ALL THE TIME. I'd feed her when she asks unless your gut tells you there's something wrong.
    But my kids all seem to be hungry around the clock.
    Kids are either hungry all the time or it's hard to get them to eat at all.

    They grow SOOOOO fast at this age, I'd continue feeding them!
  6. My kids go through these phases too....hungry all the time then not eating anything.

    She may be thirsty. Thirst and hunger are difficult to differentiate and she may just need a big cup of water. Fruits and veggies/dip have a lot of fiber and are filling and hydrating. You'll figure out what she needs (and then she'll change it entirely!:smile:)
  7. My kids do this ALL the time. I am thankful they are not picky eaters and generally eat healthy. I usually will feed them if they're hungry. If they ask for food and don't eat it, then it's probably just a ploy to get your attention but otherwise, I don't see anything disturbing about that behavior if they actually eat what they ask for and are within the normal weight for their age/height.

    If you think your toddler is eating excessively (like more than 1400 kcal/day) then it would be a good thing to mention to your doctor at your next visit. Otherwise I wouldn't really worry too much about it.