2 yellows for fall/winter??!

  1. Hi everyone!

    I just got back an hour ago from Balenciaga boutique here in Dubai .. and I saw the Juane work in RH which they got just today .. it was Beautiful and the leather was so lovely!!! :okay:

    However the sales person was suprised that i was interested in this color and she said that it's NOT the yellow that everyone is waiting for .. this is mustard yellow and there will be another yellow which is gonna be BRIGHT yellow .. i thought she's talking about spring/summer yellow but she said no .. it's gonna be part of the fall/winter collection :blink:.. i'm very confused .. did anyone else hear a similar thing??

    P.S. i'm new to this forum nice to meet you all :greengrin:
  2. I think that she is confused but I am not a good source of information, being a newcomer like you.
  3. Hmm, that's interesting...I haven't heard anything like that at all!
  4. I thought that there was only going to be one yellow too?!?!
  5. There isn't any other yellow being released for the F/W Collections. Only Jaune, the warm marigold-yellow. There is talk of a lighter, slightly brighter, butter-yellow coming out for the S/S 08 Collections. No swatches have made it to tPF yet though.
  6. I know nothing about a lighter or brighter color either...........but....welcome to the forum, I'm new in bal forum too!!!!
  7. Welcome to the Bal Forum!
  8. I don't know the answer other than maybe she was thinking of the possible spring 08 yellow? But, WELCOME!!!!
  9. The bag is rockin' :supacool:
  10. Sky high - beyond all belief!!!!
  11. So what did you think of the juane yellow that they had in stock? I'm so jealous that I can't see it yet.:drool:
  12. I must admit that I am waiting for a Jaune City. If I get mine early enough for people still to need info, I will let you know what it is like.