2 years? 5 Years? 10?

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  1. When do you think the fake LV trend will pass and we can all dance a happy dance? Have you seen a decline in them in your area?

    I think I have seen a decline in ladies carrying them here in the DC area, at least it isn't as bad as it was 2 years ago.
  2. I'm in NYC and have seen no decline. Hopefully it will happen at all, but with Canal St., who knows?
  3. I figure at some point the demand is just going to run out? At least I would hope! Even the hula hoop went out of style!
  4. You know its funny. I think I have seen less too. I think that the reality is the quality on a fake is so bad that they start to fall apart relatively quick. So hopefully they fall apart and people have enough sense not to buy again. Also this is nothing new. I remember in the mid 80's LV fakes where rampant. I could care less. I know mine is real. I also think I look like I have a real bag. You can tell people who carry fakes. I mean who wears a $700 plus bag and drives a beat up nova, or wears really bad fake jewelry. There is a look to someone who carries a real designer bag. You guys know what I mean.
  5. ......sadly enuf, noooooo haven't noticed a decline at all....sooooo effing irritating....ran in Walgreen's just last evening to pick up a script and as they are always one speed, slow as hell; you have to wait and wait and wait....noticed another customer [also waiting] eyeing my bag and me from head to toe with her nose all up in the air; she had a big-assed fake mono speedy hung on her arm....I don't know what's worse the poor people who don't know they are toting around a fake and they are soooo happy; or those who knowingly have the fake and look at you all snotty as if to give the impression you are carrying the fake...pretty much anymore I just laugh to myself....I know that MY bags are real and to hell with what some of these backwoods-redneck-hillbillies think...I buy them because they make me happy; not anyone else
  6. Still lots here, a total influx of Speedys with metal feet!
  7. Yes, same here. I see lots of them with metal feet and they look very plasticky.
  8. I always drive older, used cars.:lol: Can't afford a new car with my taste for designer bags!

  9. :suspiciou I carry LV and wear jimmy choo... still driving my beat up toyota corolla 1998 that i got since High school...

    No, i don't know what you mean, :lol: j/k
  10. Can't agree more.;)
  11. Hee hee...I am talking about a wrecked 20 year old piece of crap.
    I saw this lady carrying a really bad Cherry Blossom kelly like bag and getting into this total crap bucket car. The doors on the car looked like they were ready to fall off!!

  12. As sad as it may be, I think fakes are here to stay.:sad2:
  13. My car is pretty old too. It's reliable but it's starting to turn into a bit of a rust bucket. Right now I'd rather spend my money on clothes, shoes and bags.

    As far as the fakes go, I've seem a few really bad ones lately. Generally though most of the LV around here looks pretty good, but I've never been that good at picking out a fakes.
  14. Yikes, I live in DC, and I see fakes EVERYWHERE, especially on the arms of young teens who are trying too hard to be cool. They sell them on the streets downtown and occasionally at craft fairs.
  15. I am so surprised how many of you have old cars. I personally could not buy expensive luxury items unless my kids, home and car are totally hooked up. I am lucky that I am at a point in my life were I can do all but when I was younger I never would spend money on things like handbags. No judgements..just surprised. Do alot of you rent or own? I also could never spend big bucks on bags if I rented.
    I am curious as to your responses.'