2 x Reveal from Rome :)

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  1. This is what my wonderful BF picked up for me in the Miu Miu Store Roma this weekend (although I payed for it myself). He also told me that the SAs there were very nice and helpful:P

    (The paper bag was a bit damaged in the airport process...)

  2. I'm here! :Popcorn
  3. (Hope someone is up for a reveal ;) I´ll have to go to school so I´ll have to post them all at one time anyway:biggrin:)

  4. Nice, Lady_J :yahoo:

    Think I´ll start with the small one...:graucho:

  5. DSC00526.JPG

    Matelasse wallet in palissandro.

  6. And then the large one...:yahoo: DSC00527.JPG

  7. DSC00529.JPG

    Probably easy to guess:P... DSC00530.JPG
  8. DSC00533.JPG

    The bow, also in palissandro!

  9. The two of them together:smile:

  10. BROWN MATELASSE CLUTCH?? :shocked:
  11. Oh I see you revealed aleady, YAY I guessed correctly, congrats on them both. I'm going to the LV boutique now!!
  12. They're beautiful! Congratulations and enjoy :biggrin:!
  13. Congrats!!! They are gorgeous and classic...please smell the glazed leather for me! isn't it heavenly? I think it's my own drug lol
  14. Gorgeous items ThingumyPoppy!!!!

    Goes so well together!!!
  15. Gorgeous additions! Congrats!