2 x Free Afrika Afrika tickets @ O2 arena, London

  1. Hi all,

    I dont know if any of the UK members have heard of this current deal - but the show Afrika Afrika is being shown in the O2 area, in London at the moment and hundreds of people are getting free tickets to see their show.

    All you have to do is go to http://www.afrika-afrika.com/London/Discover

    and put in the password : leopard

    For tickets for the 7th - 10th Feb.

    I have won tickets and went on saturday with my friend , and I have also won some more tickets to go with my family next week - it is a fantastic show . It is about 2 hours long with a 30 min interval. :tup:
  2. Thanks so much for posting. I have let the folks back in blighty know.

    The show looks amazing - I love Miriam Makeba!!! Hope it comes to the US.
  3. ooohh Miriam Makeba....when will i see some live African Music... hardly any live African Music where i am....i would love to see Awilo longomba