2 x '05 APPLE Greens on ebay (day and twiggy)

  1. the twiggy looks great, only one picture though. Actually I want both of them!
  2. I love, love, love the twiggy. There are so many b-bags on eBay now that I want....why can't I just be content with what I already have?:sad:

    Thanks for posting firstclass.:heart:
  3. OMG that Apple green day bag is the one I returned a couple of months ago!!! It is NOT in brand new condition and it took 2 whole months to get a full refund from that seller! Be careful girls! Eeeeks!
  4. She has more pics, click the link that's in her description.

    For some reason, the photos aren't wowing me but I'm tempted!
  5. thanks for that info dancing queen! I was watching it!
  6. No worries Donna! We're here to look out for each other... :yes: Get the apple green twiggy instead! It's really pretty! :nuts:
  7. Oh yes D_Q I just noticed it and I was about to post the same thing that you said, but I am glad you warned everybody earlier.

    What a nerve that this seller has to list the bag with these same pictures and at this price!

    Beware everybody, these pics are probably very old and in reality her bag is really really beaten up and dirty, with stains and everything, this seller doesn't say the truth and makes it veeery hard for the buyer to get the money back. Don't buy from her.
  8. They look gorgeous!!!