2 Words! Amarante BOOTS

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  1. p11580450_ph_hero.jpg

    WOW! Imaging how they'd look in pomme pearl or framboise!:nuts:
  2. mmm.... :drool:
  3. I know right. Imagine if they were mongram glace thigh highs :nuts::drool:
  4. i likeeee :biggrin: a huge boot person. lol.
  5. wow
  6. Goodness! They look amazing!! :love:
  7. I quite like them when it's just a pic of the boots but if you go to Vuitton.com and look at the little film for fall shoes they show someone wearing them and I think (JMO) they look a little weird
  8. They are beautiful .... but I would be to scared to wear them thinking that they would scratch VERY easy. :push:
  9. How much? :nuts:
  10. They cost $1,320. :smile:
  11. Nice :smile:
  12. Yummy!!!
  13. waah! they are BEYOND gorgeous! but they are too expensive.

    i would honestly buy them if i had the cash..
  14. Ooooh those things are so beautiful! I wish!
  15. They are available on elux already....
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.