2 WOCs Which one should I pick? Or keep both?

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  1. 11P Black Quilted Caviar w/ SHW WOC and12A Red Quilted Caviar w/SHW

    Please excuse my PJs. I was too excited when I saw FedEx this morning :biggrin::biggrin:

    Which one should I keep? Or should I keep both? I already have a M/L Black Caviar Quilted w/ SHW (my avatar pic).

    I'm thinking black will match with everything but red is such a nice pop of color. Is it versatile for hot and warm weather?

    If I pick one will I regret giving up the other? Is it wise to keep 2 WOCs? Would a red WOC work when I'm older?

    THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO DIFFICULT GUYS!!!!!! :cool::cool::cool:



  2. I vote to keep them both! I think that the 12 A red is a beauty and is a great pop of color. And black is such a staple.... with a possible price increase coming soon, you should keep them both:loveeyes:
  3. I would keep both. (they are hard to find)
  4. I would keep both, they very nice. :smile:
  5. What if you guys HAD to pick one? Black or Red?
  6. Red!
  7. Black!!
  8. Red!
  9. Red cuz you already have a black ML...
  10. red
  11. Definitely keep both!! The red is such a great color, but black is classic. I have 2 WOCs and adore them. I really vote for keeping both of them :smile:
  12. Red!! You can wear it at any age :smile:
  13. Red since you have a black m/l.
  14. Red.
  15. My vote goes to red..