2 white baby cabas available...

  1. There were two white baby cabas availabe at the Madison Avenue store in NYC this morning. They are not on a waitlist so call Stephanie if you want one of these soon!!
  2. Here is a pic of it that roey posted in another thread.....
  3. Thanks Rose! I had mine shipped from Chanel SoHo and my SA said there was no waitlist there either. Weird, the waitlist here in socal is a mile long.
  4. It is really cute! What is the price for this?
  5. 1795
  6. Does anyone know the dimensions of this bag? Or how does it compare in size with other popular Chanel styles? TIA!
  7. yeah, is there anyone know the actual size of baby cabas?
  8. So, I called my Sa and she said they received a shipment and were getting the Cruise bags in....well, they received only one white Baby Cabas and I was # two on the list.....being the not so patient person that I am(who said that) I called the Mad store in NYC and they were sold out:crybaby: ....they should give you commission Rose. :yes: So....I am hopeful that my bag will be in this week and await my Ritz which is due in tomorrow.:yahoo:
  9. Aw, that's too bad J. It would have been really nice to have played a small part in you getting the baby cabas. I still look at my reissue everyday and it makes me extra happy that I got it from you.
  10. Thanks Rose. You're the best!:flowers: It was your post that made me decide... so really, you did help me. Now, to develop the patience to wait....:lol: