2 Weeks of No Coach Purchases...

  1. and I have really been getting depressed. I see all of your exciting posts with all of your new goodies and I'm thinking, "I wonder when I'll get anything new?" Soooo...I saw someone elses post that had pictures of some cute new things I haven't seen before.:love:

    Next...I got on the phone with my SA at the boutique store and ordered a few Charms. But then she said I would have to call the 800 number for the other things I wanted. Sooo...I did!!!:yes:
  2. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I can't wait!! The phone SA said the only one she can guarantee is the Bleecker because the others are showing really low numbers...so I am hoping!!!:love::heart:
  3. and these are the little charms i am getting!!

  4. ooooo... the bleeker coin purse is TDF!! those pictures look familiar, i think i just posted similar ones on here yesterday... those are from the japan coach site, right? so they actually have those 3 coin purses in stock? k, i need one! lol i wonder if that heritage stripe one comes in white... :sad:
  5. Those coin purses are so cute! I hope you can get everything you ordered! The charms are cute too! Someone else posted something the the other day about the heart charm being sold out!

    I know what you mean about feeling "down" when everyone posts their new beautiful bags! Unfortunately, I just can't afford to keep up with all of you! :p It's funny because before tPF, it was totally normal NOT to buy a new bag/accessory/charm every few weeks or whatever, and now every week its like, "OMG, I HAVE to get this NOW!"
  6. i love all these charms your getting... :yes: k i haven't bought anything either for like 2 weeks, my turn! haha :lol:
  7. Oooooooh....I know exactly what you mean!! I never bought accessories other than wristlets and a few scarves before I came on here. It's totally CRAZY!!!
  9. wow! love all your stuff!
  10. Glad you have some Coach love coming! I really like the little tattersall key chain, I hope you get it. I like the big, chunky, colorful charms you choose. You will have fun options for all your bags!
  11. I LOVE the Bleeker coin purse!!!!! All your stuff is cute, but that is calling my name. LOL The charms are going to look great on all your bags...I especially love the heart and the flower.
  12. Thanks!!...The SA said that the coin purses measure 11cm x 14cm (per Japan website) which I think is around 4.5 x 5.5 inches. Which seems kind of large for what the pics look like. IDK
  13. Thank You...divajess!!!:flowers:
  14. The bleecker coin purse is my favorite out of three!!!
    I love the charms too!! congrats ;)
  15. 2 weeks with no Coach purchases and you're getting depressed? LOL......Its been 2 months for me and that purchase was a bag that I returned!!! LOL....you crack me up!