2 weeks notice

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  1. So, I'm giving my 2 weeks notice tomorrow morning. I'm really nervous about it... this is a place where I enjoy the people I work with on a personal level but I definitely didn't like the job.

    The last couple of days they have been planning new projects and they wanted me to lead a few of them. We haven't discussed them yet, but I know they are in discussions. I feel bad for leaving them at this time but I have to look out for myself and I have a great opportunity on my hands.

    Any pointers?
  2. girl, I am in the same situation as you. no problem in giving two weeks...that's standard. I feel bad in my situation as our fiscal year ends next week and then audit preparation starts.... but I think of the long term goals for myself and I'm fine with it. you gotta think about yourself first. you don't owe the company anything and they don't owe you anything!!! congrats on your new job!
  3. Totally. Although I feel a little bad for going behind their back going on the interview... I know this is something that I don't want and the opportunity that is waiting for me is something that I'm really working for.
  4. Just keep it short and sweet in your resignation memo.

    You can say "Dear XXX, I am writing to inform you I have voluntary decided to terminate my employment with ABC company and am giving two week's notice. My last day will be XXXX. I have accepted another opportunity with a firm in the XXX industry.

    " Thank you for the opportunities.


    ...or something like that. Then on a verbal basis offer to help out as much as you can with wrap up, transition, etc. I would stay away from gushing, compliments, feeling bad about giving notice, all that stuff in your memo.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes! You will feel better once you've ripped off the bandaid and done it, promise!
  5. There's never a good time to leave a job, though there are better ways to do it so you don't burn any bridges. Pursegrrl is right, just keep it short and sweet, leave out the emotion, be gracious but firm, keep your head up high and kick a** in your new job! Work always goes on without us, they will find someone else.
  6. I did it this morning. My boss was so understanding and understood if this position didn't fit me 100% there is no reason why I should be here if something else makes me happy.

    I am so happy they took it well but now I'm extremely excited to get on with my new career.

    I think the toughest part is that not only did I enjoy them as co-workers but they've all become my friends.
  7. good luck!
  8. Putting in a two week is so nerve wrecking, but I'm glad everything turned out well.
  9. It's good to hear everything worked out for you! I'm in a similar position as you... not happy at my current job, but since I'm a recent graduate with no experience in this field... I'm just hanging on for now.

    Good luck with your new job... hope everything goes well! :smile:
  10. Good for you...way to go!!! Now as you said you can focus on wrapping up and looking ahead to your next career chapter!

    Yes it's hard moving on when you have strong relationships with your co-workers. But you can always keep in touch...networking pays off in spades!

    GREAT JOB!!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: