2 Weeks notice ??


How much in advance should I give my employer ??

  1. 2 weeks

  2. 4 weeks

  3. 6 weeks

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  1. Ladies,

    Need your input please. I am planning a cross country move right now and I am wondering how much time I should give to my employer. I really love the company but we have to move so there is no choice for me but to quit the job. They do not have any office or branches where I am going, so.

    I know the standard is 2 weeks but my gut feeling is that I should give them a little more time to find someone new. I will actually be leaving at the worst possible time because it is going to be the busiest time at the company. I want to give them enough time to find someone and to train the person. I know too much time is like asking to be fired, but not enough time will not make me feel any better on my part.

    Can someone share your thoughts or experience?? I want as many inputs as possible.

    THanks !!
  2. Did they have any idea that you could be moving across the country?

    I'd suggest giving three weeks notice and also offer to train your replacement. If you have a REALLY good relationship with this employer and think they wouldn't want you to leave immediately, you might want to consider giving up to 4 weeks notice. Some employers want people to leave immediately since they figure you'll either NOT work during your notice period or that you'll just steal company info.
  3. No, they have no idea that I am planning the move. I just got a great review and they mention how much they are looking forward to be working with me in the coming year : (

    I think I have a great relationship with my work and that's what makes it so much harder to tell them. I love the place, co-workers and even my boss is great. oh dear....
  4. I'd definitely tell them 4 weeks ahead of time. 6 weeks is too long and 2 weeks is just too short. If you like the company and the people there, that's a very considerate and nice thing to do, esp. since they're at their busiest time of the year! If they gave you a great review, I seriously doubt that they would be looking for ways to fire you during those 4 weeks! JMO! Good luck! :lol:
  5. I would give as much notice as you can. Especially if this is an important job for your resume. I think giving only two weeks notice is not enough if your position is hard to replace, KWIM?
  6. I agree, give as much notice as you can - A. because it's the Right Thing To Do and B. (cynically) because you are guaranteed good references and either being taken back should you ever, in any distant eventuality, want to be and/or if one of their people moves to a senior position in a related field and you apply to their company in your new area, you're the person who did the Right Thing.

    Put yourself in their place, give them boocoo notice and train your replacement so they are astonished by how well they take the role on and if they're decent (and what goes around, comes around) they'll sing your praises.

  7. I vote for giving them 4 weeks. I think two weeks isn't enough, when you really think about it, it's not that long. Four weeks should give them enough time to hire someone and have you spend a week training them. You want them to be a good reference, and you want to leave on a positive note.

    Good luck with the move! :nuts:
  8. I think that 4 weeks is a good time. Like some of the others, it gives them time to look for a replacement, and if they find someone before you leave, you can help out by training them. Leaving a good impression will help - especially if you are looking to have your boss serve as one of your references. And who knows, maybe your boss will know someone out where you are moving, and perhaps put in a good word. Good luck!
  9. Hmmmm... my first initial reaction is for two weeks. I say that because I would think that staying there longer (after saying bye-bye) may be awkward. But I guess four weeks would be alot more considerate.
  10. If you play a crucial role in their business and you've been treated fairly by them you should consider giving them a month's notice. If you have more of an entry level job IMO 2 weeks is more than enough notice.
  11. If you have a great relationship with the boss and company they're going to be very sorry to see you leave, I would say as much notice as possible.

    Good luck with your move.
  12. As must notice as possible! Your boss will really appreciate the time to try and find a replacement.

    Good luck with your move!!!
  13. Be careful giving it too early.
    I did this one time. I had been w/ a Co. for a long time and was very successful there. I thought I'd do the "noble thing" and give a couple extra weeks notice and it backfired.
    They decided to let ME go about 2 days later out of fear I'd "poison" the others. {?}
    I would have NEVER expected this from my boss nor this Co.
  14. As much time as possible especially since it is their busiest time of year. If that's the case they would be crazy to let you go earlier even if someone is hired and trained before you leave (my employer takes forever + a YEAR to recruit, hire and train!).

    BUT if your employer has exhibited sour grapes to other departing employees in the past you might reconsider that strategy.

    EDIT - OUCH Swanky!
  15. Always give at least 2 weeks notice. Only fair and you never know when you may need a reference from the company. Leaving on bad terms can come back to haunt you.