2 weeks and still no news... No tracking number even!

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  1. So, I purchased a pair of CLs and made payment on 25 Jan and when I had sent my payment I had specifically told the seller to let me know when she ships it out and also to let me know the tracking number. 2 days later still no news so I sent a friendly email to ask her if she has it sent out yet but again no response. I sent her another email on 1 Feb to ask her about my tracking number and she finally replied my email to let me know it was sent out and it takes around 2 weeks but still no mention of the tracking number. I decided to wait another week as I understand international mail (she's in Canada) might take some time.

    It has been 2 weeks since and still no news from seller. I don't even know is it really sent out as she seem to always avoid my enquiry about the tracking number. I do understand that international mail will take a longer time but from my past experience it usually takes less than 10 days to reach Singapore! To be honest, I'm actually totally fine with the longer wait but I'm worried cos the seller refuse to give me a tracking number. I'm hoping the seller did send my item out (she has pretty good fb on *bay) and it might just be the mailing system in Canada thus it's taking longer than usual. I have heard stories about sending items to Canada but not sure about having the items sent from Canada.

    I have just sent an email to the seller asking for a tracking number again but I'm quite certain either something is wrong or she has sent my shoes without DC, since she refused to answer my questions about it. Am I being too panicky as I have encountered quite a few problems with *bay lately and maybe I should cool off and wait for another week or so? Or am I right in being suspicious due to the seller's lack of communication and refusal to give me a tracking number? What should I do next?
  2. I think she may have sent your shoes without tracking although you essentially paid for tracking... If it does come and does not have a barcode, or is a tracked parcel, I would file a dispute over shipping costs to recover some, since she should've sent it via the way you wanted. Did her listing say that shipping was to come with tracking?
  3. Nope, nothing was mentioned regarding shipping. Only how much it will cost and it will be sent using Canada Post. I always thought seller must send with tracking or delivery confirmation, no?
  4. Tracked shipping from Canada to Singapore for a shoe box would easily cost about $65-100, possibly more, depending on weight and the dimensions of the actual box. How much did she charge you for shipping?

    You can go to the Canada Post web site and if you have her postal code, approximate weight and dimensions, you can try to figure out the cost - www.canadapost.ca
  5. As far as I gather, the seller doesn't have to send with tracking or delivery confirmation (unless that is what you explicitly pay for), but they'd be pretty stupid not to - especially for an item of high value. If there is no tracking/DC then the seller relies on the buyer being honest and not claiming it never arrived when it in fact had.
  6. Really? I've never paid more than $15 to get tracking on my things coming from the US, and the most I've ever paid for tracking sending to the US was AUD$26 on a handycam in its box which was almost 2kg...
  7. Yeah I figured it would be expensive that's why she might have sent without dc. I'm not sure how long it will take in this case but I'm really worried of it getting lost!

    That's news to me as I always thought *bay required sellers to send with tracking or dc. I mean, it is safer for both parties, especially for my case when my item is taking longer than usual to arrive.

    Me too, the most (and that was only once) that I have paid was US$50 plus with tracking from US to SG.
  8. Ebay does not require that sellers ship with tracking, however, the transaction is not eligible for seller protection if there is no tracking. The risk is all on the seller.

    International shipments for shoes with tracking and insurance typically cost around $50.00. The seller may have chosen a cheaper option that doesn't have tracking. She has no protection if she did not get tracking so maybe that is why she is ducking your question. Two weeks is not uncommon for international shipments (especially if she chose snail mail). I would give it a bit more time. You have up to 45 days to file a claim.

  9. ^ agree here. would wait just another week and if the seller

    isn't giving you any additional shipping info, open a claim because who

    knows if she shipped it or what the story is.. you don't want to get

    the runaround
  10. I wouldn't wait any longer, I'd go ahead and open an item not received complaint. If you receive the shoes you can just close the claim. The fact that she hasn't been forthcoming about the tracking bothers me. If she had said "I'm really sorry, but I didn't send these with tracking, please let me know when you receive them" I would have been OK. But avoiding the subject is a red flag to me.
  11. ^^^I agree, it doesnt hurt to open the dispute, as soon as you get it, and its OK, close the claim.
  12. Lorih, Yes that's what's bothering me, the fact that she keeps evading my question about the tracking number! If she told me upfront she has sent without tracking I think I would have been less suspicious.

    Anyway I think I will just open a dispute and see how it goes.
  13. Update. I sent her an email yesterday to ask for a number yet again and she just replied "Sent, will reach you in 2 weeks."

    I'm opening a dispute now, sigh.
  14. How much did she charge you for shipping? It sounds like she may have shipped it surface which can arrive in as soon as 6 weeks up to 2 months...its goes by boat so it takes a long time. If you ship expedited you can definetly expect the shipping costs to run up to $100 CAD. Its because the tracking number, insurance and signature is all extra and when you add it to an international shipment...it adds up to a lot! On top of that expedited does not have signature except for within Canada so she would have to ship express for signature which would cost even more!

    *This is based on if she shipped with Canada Post which most ppl do since its cheaper than UPS and Fedex, etc.*
  15. ^ She charged US$30. OMG, surface mail takes such a long time??!!