2 violet cities to choose from ~ What are your thoughts on the leather?

  1. YES, i'm finally getting a violet city! i asked my SA to send me photos of 2 violet cities to choose from. i didn't ask her to, but she sent me 3 photos of the 2 bags: front w/o flash, front w/ flash, and back w/ flash. that was so sweet of her to do. i didn't ask if the leather was lamb or goat as i'm sure i'm driving her nutso already with my leather preferences. the bag on the top of the photos is what i'll most likely choose. what are your thoughts? pls give me your honest opinion...TIA! :flowers:



  2. So hard to tell from those photos really, I think they're very similar. Did you ask your SA for her opinion? Like which one felt thicker? What I would do is to make sure she goes over both bags and looks for flaws - I recently received a bag that had a big flaw in it that was hard to see but very noticeable once you find it. Luckily, there was one more to replace it.

    I like the back of #2, the front look the same to me.
  3. Do those cutie bags different? I really can't tell for photo. Just keep one that you like (again I can't see any difference) :yes:
  4. I don't think that there is a big difference between these two bags. They both have a lot of distressing, but look GORGEUOS to me! I bet you will love either one.
  5. i vote for #2. :smile:

    do they have the same thickness?
  6. I vote for the bottom one based on color saturation and distressing.

    Either way you'll be a winner- toting your Violet City! I can't put mine down- I love it SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!
  7. Oh boy.... you said you are already leaning towards #1.

    I vote #2, I think both fronts look very similar. However, not sure if I like the color diffference on the front of #1. The front studded portion, the leather looks patchy to me in the photos. #2's color just looks richer to me and is as beautifully distressed as #1.

    as far as the pictures of the back of the bag, #2 all the way. Looks thicker to me.(gorgeous distressing)

    With all that said I think it's amazing we all have different ideas about what looks good. Go with your gut, it's your bag. BUT, I have no doubt you'll pick a beauty, odd.
  8. I also vote for #2! The front of #2 is more appealing to me.

    I'm having the same issue as you! Odd, I hope you don't mind me sharing my violet City issues on your thread!

    I received an Agneau (Lamb) Violet RH City from Aloha Rag. A few days later I received a Chevre (Goat) Violet RH City from Barneys that I had preordered with a SA. I don't know which one to keep! The lamb one is much thicker, slightly stiffer. The goat one is definitely thinner, and slightly drier... But it's goat.

    Which one do you think I should keep? Would love to hear your opinions!
  9. I'd pick #2. The first one doesn't seem to have uniform color saturation, most evident on the front leather tab (just under the pocket). That'd just drive me nuts!
  10. i noticed the discoloration on the front tab w/ the 2 studs too...it may just be lighting though? i'll have to clarify with my SA in the morning. and YES, i am also loving the distressing on the back of bag #2. the fronts look similar, but are they evenly distressed? i wish i could see these bags IRL!

    madison - can you post pics of your violet cities?
  11. I vote #2 b/c I immediately noticed that the color on bag #1 doesn't look even... it kind of looks "splochy". #2 has just as nice distressing, but the distressing/color is even.
  12. definitely, i'll post pics tomorrow. my camera battery needs recharging!

    in the meantime, i think it's a consensus. you should go with #2.
  13. Ah, how I envy you! Violet is such a scrumptious color! Although they look similar to me, I vote for #2 because the distressing looks a bit more "even". Good luck and don't forget to post modelling pics.
  14. Okay Odd, I'm not freakin out, but today I got a very similar pic. I chose the top one b/c my sa said it was thicker. It will be here tomorrow b/c I had it overnighted.

  15. I just love the City style with the violet. Can't wait to see your pics!