2 Violet Bags and can't Decide which to keep!

  1. Hi,I just Received my gorgeous new Violet Step. I also have my Violet City. I have compared them both for everyone, but it's hard to decide which to Keep!
    The Step is soooo smooshy and very comfortable on the shoulder, more so for me than the City( if worn by the handles). it is definitely more of a structured bag, but for fall, I like that....
    I think they are both gorgeous! The tassles on the Step are way smooshier than the Violets which are flat.
    I know I can't keep Two Violet bags, so help me:nuts:
    violetstep1.JPG violetstepandcity.JPG violetsteptassels.JPG violetstepandmilo.JPG violetstepcityclose.JPG
  2. i would go for the city. but that's just me because the step hasn't really grwon on me yet.
  3. This is very interesting because I have GH City and I am pondering having an RH Step.

    The fact that you think that the Step fits on the shoulder better encourages me.
  4. I vote for city, the step while I liked it at first, its definitely a failing love...
  5. go for the city!!i'm just not liking the step :sad:
  6. City! I love it when the leather get softer and it'll probably hang a lot better than the Step which is more structured.;)
  7. like them both.....what store did you get them from?
  8. my vote goes to the city, simply because the step doesn't quite appeal to me.
  9. I don't have fat arms, but the City feels tight when I wear it on my shoulder with the handles!
    I got the Step at Saks and the City at Neimans.
  10. Is the base of the Step too rigid as someone else implied? the SA that I have been talking to claims not.
  11. If the city doesn't fit properly in your shulders, go for the step... BOTH are beautiful, you can't go wrong !!! :smile:
  12. Your doggie is so:huh: cute.. all posing for the camera with ur bBag. CUTE~! If you have a city already... I'd say.. try the step out for a couple of days... and see how you like it. :yes:
  13. here is a pic of how squishy the Step is with nothing in her! I guess I like structure, cause I bought an Edith!
  14. City for me !!!
    I prefer this shape...and you can wear it on your shoulder with the strap ...
  15. i like the city! i'm not too sure i like the top of the step because its a bit more narrow than the city.