2 vachetta questions

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Nov 25, 2007
I have a Manhattan PM and a Galliera PM. Does it take longer for the vachetta to get darker when not in use and kept in dust bags? Also, do most people prefer the vachetta light or dark? I saw a poppincourt haute tonight that was about a year old and I thought it looked horrible. The vachetta was so dark and it looked beat. I know that it was not a fake and that it was well taken care of. It just got very dark very quickly.:smile:
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It does take longer if you leave your bags in their dust bags because there's less chances for the leather to oxidize. With use and exposure to everyday use, oxidation happens much quicker. If you leave a bag in it's dust bag for a few months and take it out later it comes out a nice warm color that is less susceptible to getting dirty. Personally I prefer vachetta light to medium color, I don't personally prefer it looking dirty but I do try and take care of it. Hope that helps.
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