2 upcoming parties, 2 new dresses!! PICS

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  1. The first party is a PINK party...everyone has to wear pink. Our beautiful Selena picked this dress out for me. The next party is a formal. What do you all think? (ps...please ignore the back ground...our house is under heavy renovations and driving me insane)
    pics 055.jpg pics 059.jpg
  2. Sunshine, I think they are both fabulous! I especially like the black one, which makes you look very statuesque. Both great choices, have fun!!
  3. I love the pink
  4. They both look gorgeous on you!! I love them!
  5. That pink dress is Fabulous on you! HUBBA HUBBA! Do you mind telling me where you go it? I would love to have one!!
  6. Thanks ladies!!! I think with sandals, jewelry, and a bag...it will all pull together nicely.
  7. You are sweet!! I wish I was as skinny as her!! lol Did I ever tell you that I ordered the Chanel lip gloss you wear over your MAC jest? It looks AWESOME over jest!! I wear that color alot. So thanks!
  8. Both are wonderful!! What shoes shall you wear????
  9. Little silver heels with the pink, and black satin heels with rhinestones all over them for the black.
  10. you look great in both!

  11. Oh Yeah!! :wlae: I am so glad you liked it! I love those colors so much. Most of my lipsticks are pink so it's great to have those shades to wear with browns, oranges, greens and golds!
  12. You look good in them. Have you thought about accessories like a little brooch to compliment your dresses?
  13. You look cute in BOTH dresses!! :yes: