2 too much?

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  1. I have a pre-loved Delightful MM, and I love it but am thinking the PM would work better for my frame. (I’m 5’2”). The MM I bought was pretty much in pristine condition, and I’m hesitant to let her go only because I think the MM would make a great bag for travel. (I’d probably put my epi pochette and pre-loved twinset (tbd) to wear during the day on a trip, along with various travel grab n go essentials.)

    My question is: keep the DE MM, and get the DE PM for wear on a day to day basis or sell MM and get PM (to use daily, and for travel as a carry on)....

    Opinions needed!
  2. If you don't think the PM would be big enough to serve your MM's needs for travel, I would keep the MM! (I think the MM is such a great size for travel.)
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  3. I was thinking the same thing.....I think it’s a great size for travel, but a bit big for everyday use.
  4. Consider which one you will get the most use out of, before doing any selling or buying. If you travel often, definitely hang onto your MM. I would prefer more space than less when it comes to travel. Also, if you have other pieces in your collection, maybe those other pieces can serve some of your needs. Take a good look, maybe that can make your decision easier :smile:.
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  5. Genius thinking.....Thank you! :biggrin:
  6. If you don't need the money keep the MM, buy the PM and wear both. If after a while you realize that two is to much, you can always let one go. If you want to use one for travel and one for daily use, why not both?
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  7. I think most of us have bags for different situations. I know I do. So in that sense it’s not too much. Whether you have a completely different bag for travel or just an MM of the same bag you have in a PM. The end result is the same. You have a daily bag and a travel bag. And that is not excessive by any means. I have a Speedy 25 mono for daily and a Speedy 35 DA for travel.
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  8. For me I don't think it'd be worth it to have essentially a duplicate bag just for travel unless I traveled often. If you think you will only use the MM once or twice a year then I'd say sell it and get the PM and find another solution for your travel bag. If you know you travel quite often through the year, then it probably would be worth it to keep the MM. I would also agree that if you have the money, go ahead and buy the PM and try out both sizes and see which one you lean more towards.
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  9. Thanks everyone! :smile: I think I may sell the MM. And buy a pre-loved PM.
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