2 Timeless Clutches vs. 1 Matte Gold Flap???


2 Timeless Clutches vs. 1 Matte Gold Flap???

  1. Sell the clutches and buy the matte gold flap!

  2. Keep the clutches and pass on the matte gold flap!

  3. Sell the white clutch and something else and go for the flap!

  4. Keep the clutches and sell other bags to fund the flap!

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  1. Hi ladies!!

    So I've been DROOLING over the medium lambskin matte gold flap, but just don't have the money for it right now. :sad:

    I'd like to be able to take advantage of the pre-increase price if I can though, so I started to think about what I could sell from my collection. What I came up with was my 2 timeless clutches - black caviar and white caviar. But I'm not sure...is it crazy to give up my 2 clutches for 1 flap? I currently also have medium caviar classic flaps in black and in white. Are the 2 clutches and 2 flaps in the same colours repetitive?

    I haven't been 100% on the clutches because they seem a bit big for me to be handheld, but I might just have to get used to it - anyone else with this issue?

    Also, is the metallic lambskin durable? I'm worried about the colour wearing off easily. Has anyone encountered that so far?

    What do you ladies think??? In desperate need of advice!! :shrugs:

    TIA!!! :flowers:

    P.S. Sorry about the long post! ;)

    P.P.S. Thanks to Swanky for helping me with a very strange problem with my previous attempts at starting this thread!!! :flowers:
  2. I voted to keep the clutches and sell others to fund the flap. Those clutches are so "timeless" and I have a feeling you'd regret it once they're gone.
  3. yes, i came on your thread before to vote on chanel and instead i saw the names of some hot guys i was supposed to evaluate...a nice confusion, i must say....:lol:
    i would sell the white clutch, keep the black and maybe sell something else if need be to get the gold flap (which i think is stunning and want you to have!):heart:
  4. You sound like you don't :heart: :heart: the clutches and like you do LOVE the classic flap. So . . . I would sell the clutches and get the flap. Unfortunately, you won't know if you made the right decision until after the deed is done!
  5. keep the black clutch, sell the white, buy the gold!
  6. LOL...it was sooooo funny...for the record, I'm not sure if I would've voted for David Beckham or Wentworth Miller... :roflmfao:
  7. Thanks ladies for your comments! So it's sounding so far like I should sell the white clutch, keep the black, and buy the gold! Hmmmmmm...does seem like a rather good plan...I'll keep thinking on it for now... :wlae:

    Now I just have to hope that I can get the matte gold flap at the pre-increase price!!! :tender:
  8. ^^ yeah, the clutches and flaps are much easier to decide on...hee hee:sweatdrop: :shrugs: ....becks for me though....:graucho: not that i'd kick the other two handsome blokes outta bed, mind you...:p
  9. ^ Mick, you're hilarious! :lol:

    I'm having a hard enough time between the clutches and flaps...don't make me choose between DB and Wentworth too!!! :roflmfao:
  10. You should definitely keep the black. It's so classy and the price will probably increase by 500.00 in the next few months. Sell the white and another piece that you are able to let go of and definitely get the matte gold flap. Have you seen this bag IRL? The color is insanely beautiful. :heart:
  11. Sharbear I d say keep the clutches sell something else...they really aretimeless
    Where are you getting the matte gold preincrease?
  12. Jenn - You're so right, I bet the price WILL continue to go up...grrrrrr. I guess I'm keeping the black clutch for sure then...will have to think about whether I'd prefer to let go of the white clutch or something else. I haven't seen this bag IRL, but I saw your pics and wanted it sooooooooo bad!!! :love: :love: Btw, who are you cheating on Chanel with??? :graucho:

    chanelobsessed - To be honest, I'm still working on the pre-increase thing...so I'm not sure yet...LOL... :shame: ;)
  13. I would keep one clutch and sell the other.
    And I would keep one flap - opposite color of the clutch I kept and sell the other one.
  14. ^^ Balenciaga :rolleyes:

    Do you have anything else that you are *able* to let go of? I really think you should avoid selling the classics like the med flaps etc because those are only going to increase in price as well. Try to find something that you haven't used in awhile, you know we all have those "stare at" bags that just sit in their dustbags and occasionally come out for viewing pleasure only. I think those would be easier to let go of. If you sell something you love, you will probably end up buying the same bag again later at a much higher price.
  15. Swanky, you are so practical...I love it! I wish I could be that practical... :shame:

    Unfortunately, I ADORE both flaps, so there's no way I could sell one of them off...but a clutch or two I can handle being without... ;)