2 things in 1 box reveal

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  1. Hi everyone

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Oh goody! I'm here!
  4. brb.....lunch break

    garlic fried rice, fried skirt steak, sunny eggs :P

  5. #6 Mar 31, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2016
    here it is....coin purse & bracelet


    now I better work, I'll be making 100 orders of what I ate for lunch to pay for these :roflmfao:

    edit: 2 things in 1 box already paid for
  6. afternoon snack: sweet plantains braised in simple syrup, brown sugar & vanilla served with crushed ice, evaporated milk & tapioca pearls

  7. Congrats on your card case and bracelet :flowers: What are the colors? Espresso and Byzantine?
  8. Thank You! Yes, the bracelet is Byzantine, but I'm not sure of the coin purse. My mom owns a pillow bag in espresso and the color of her bag is darker than my coin purse.
  9. Ah, okay. It looks like Ebano but I assumed it was Espresso, since Ebano has been discontinued. It's possible that wherever you purchased from, still has some Ebano left in stock. Enjoy your new goodies.:smile:
  10. Both very cute, congrats!

    A little luxury every day helps fight the blues away ;)
  11. Nice BVs. Missing the connection between them, your food shots and the need to twerk though. Perhaps there isn't one... Oh gosh, have I just aaged myself?
  12. I couldn't agree more
  13. No direct correlation. It just happens that I was hungry during the live reveal and thought might as well share a pic of what I'm eating :P

  14. I think she meant she needed to twerk her lunch off, like work it off, because it was a heavy lunch hahahaha

    Nice reveal!!
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