2 Tan Lg Paddingtons for $629 at Saks r/o

  1. these are the ones with the double handles and the shoulder strap, I bought one in Castor, but there are still 2 in tan at the store, one is on a table and one is in with the regular priced chloes, so you'll have to tell the SA to search there. This is at the Saks in San Antonio- Be sure and call before 12am CST. the phone number is 210-341-4111. Good luck, Ladies!
  2. Is it the Large Paddington or the Large Pocket Paddington? Thanks.

  3. THANK YOU SPARKLEDUST!!! I got the last one! They told me they were all out so I said to check the regular priced table and VOILA! It was there!!! :smile:

    Now I have a new travel bag!!!
  4. Yay! I'm so happy you got it! I looked at that one and I can tell you it is perfect shape. Congratulations! :yes: