2 special deliveries in 2 days for MOVIEGIRL!!

  1. my dear friend moviegirl received her new mini H something in the mail yesterday (perfect timing!) & prob didn't get the chance post it yet bc she had an even bigger & more special delivery scheduled for today!! she's currently in the OR & mini moviegirl should be out soon!! I was hanging out with moviegirl for 2 hrs in her pre-op room & she was doing well the whole time....just hungry & thirsty but mama was anxious for baby to come out. will update u all when I hear further news!

    sorry mods for posting this in H subforum. I know it doesn't semi belong! hehe
  2. OH< PBC Thank you for posting!!! Please give moviegirl my :heart: and congratulations on Little MovieBabygirl!!!! I hope all goes well and she is out of the hospital soon.

    The mini kelly is pretty exciting, too!! YAY Moviegirls!!
  3. Very exciting!!!!! can't wait to see the mini Kelly AND most important her little baby!!!! hope she will have a speedy delivery. My best!
  4. Wow how exciting. Good luck Moviegirl.
  5. Congrats MovieGirl!! Man, it's raining babies and bags around here!!
  6. OMG, I've got the shpilkes waiting for her. So excited! :yahoo:
  7. The tPF family gets bigger every day! Go moviegirl! Thanks for the update PBC - please keep us posted!
  8. Congrats and Good luck to her!!!!!! We wish her only the best!!!!
  9. Happy and safe delivery to you Moviegirl!!!
  10. How exciting for MG! Thanks for posting, PBC, and please let us know how she's doing once you hear...
  11. Such exciting news Moviegirl. Congratulations :yahoo:
  12. Can't wait to hear more baby news!! And bag news too of course!
  13. another hermette!!!!! please send her our best wishes and lots of luck :heart: hoping for a fast and safe delivery for her!
  14. Yeah!!! I hope every thing goes well.. Congrats
  15. Can't wait to hear the good news, congrats in advance!