:-) 2 small reveals

  1. I love it, congrats!
  2. great bracelets - congrats!
  3. I know I was surprised and happy:biggrin:.

    Thank you very much :smile:
  4. I like it better on you ;) congrats!
  5. Congrats on the bracelets!! Maybe DBF will see you with his bracelet and think it looks better on you ;)
  6. OMG I agree and thanks:ghi5:
  7. I agree and I'm sure no wait I KNOW I will actually use it. He buys stuff and uses once and back to the box they go collecting dust :nogood:. This is why I know it will be mine soon;)
  8. :ghi5: tell him you think of him when you wear it ;) :angel: :biggrin:
  9. Congrats darling! I think it actually looks better if you guys swapped bracelets. The "layered" look looks better on you and the thinner one looks better on him because it already looks like the sports bracelets that men wear. That's just my opinion but really both looks great on you! :smile:
  10. I think this is a fabulous idea! Love both bracelets but ITA- one *strand* (thin or thick leather band) on the guys and "wrapped" style for ladies...imho too!
  11. I like this idea. He just told me I can have it yay:p

    Cant wait for what's next. I'm not in the market of a purse just yet, but I'm looking into more accessories :graucho:
  12. i really like them! congrats!!!
  13. Nice plan!!! :graucho:
  14. Thank you very much:biggrin:
  15. Thank you both are actually mine now :graucho: