2 Small Black BVs at TJ Maxx

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  1. I normally don't post in this thread because BVs are usually out of my price range! However, I saw 2 small black woven BVs at the TJ Maxx in Buckhead, Atlanta last Friday for $999.99 so I thought I would post here. I'm not familiar with the name/style of the bags but when I picked them up both of them were super soft! I can see why you girls are so addicted to them!
  2. WTF! BV at TJ MAXX! Wow! Thats all I can say! WOW!
  3. What's TJ Maxx? :shrugs:
  4. They seem to pop up in some of the TJ Max recently. But so far, I have not heard of, or seen, any popular style like Veneta, Ball or Pyramid there. Nymph, It's a discount store selling name brand items, but mostly from previous seasons. Sometimes I go bargain hunting there but usually end up with just some little things.
  5. Last time it was in Bay Area and now in Atlanta!! I should visit my local TJ Maxx too.
    It's kind of sad though...:tumbleweed:
  6. Maybe BlueFly sold the orphans to TJMaxx and they'll show up in a TJMaxx store somewhere....Aaaagh!
  7. i know for a fact that there hasn't been any BV @ my TJ's unless someone grabbed it before me (highly unlikely) or at least before i saw it (again highly unlikely) i'm pretty sure out of the lil town i live in i am one of VERY few pursey gals who will actually drop a dime on a bag if she sees fit. NOW i feel like i'm going to have to look 10 times as hard just to make sure!~

    ALTHOUGH my TJs had some name i cannot remembers bag up chained to the register, purple patent with gold rose lookin leather flowers on it... weirrrd and very expensiveeee. like 500 dollars. thats the most expensive purse related object i've seen at TJMaxx EVER. i wish i could find BV.
  8. i saw these! they are def authentic with buttery soft leather and authen tags, no dustbags. i can't name the style, def not classics. they are smaller than the Montaignes, shoulder bags with short braided straps, and the actual purse portion is all woven. the front has two extra flaps which are additional compartments. nice, but nothing tdf.

    i am, however, thanks to this post, the new owner of a boatload of Missoni, Vera Wang, BV, Marc Jacobs, and Alberta Ferretti tops, sweaters, and jackets, all of which were located at this TJ Maxx. :wlae: never knew TJMaxx had this kind of stuff.