2 sizes left for Magenta Simple 85mm

  1. ah they have my size! i checked last night and they didn't! do we love this color? would it go with a lot?
  2. I was crazy for magenta a while ago but now I'm wondering if they would make a purple simple pump in 100mm.

    I would get the magenta if it was 100mm.
  3. I have them and looove the color. I wear alot of black and denim so i can wear them with alot. I wear them with my magenta Bbag, as well as my hermes jige elan in rose shocking......tooo cute!
  4. i got em! as a friend said, they would like nice with black and grey and def denim so i'm going to try. i was looking for a nice pop of color like this or purple or blue since all my other shoes are either black or brown. lol.
  5. Good choice hlfinn. I missed getting them in my size.
  6. if you're a 40 and i don't like em when i get them i'll let you know! :smile:

    i keep thinking "should i have waited for bright blue? or the taupe/ light grey?" is the bright electric blue going to come in 85s? i've only seen them in the platform simples...
  7. Congrats, H! :nuts: Great choice. Magenta in kid is yummy :drool:
  8. Stop wondering Javaboo.... a purple simple pump in 100 is coming! I saw the lookbook weeks ago at Saks and they are getting a simple pump 100 in Viola, which my SA and I assume is a purple! I already have put my name down for a pair!

    ps I also have the magenta simple and LOVE them! They are, IMO, a perfect shade of pink!
  9. Simple Pump in purple :drool:
    OMG I can't wait.
    Bos do you happen to know if it's going to be patent or kid skin?
  10. :wtf: I have to get on that list! Do you know if its a dark purple? If its patent?
  11. Purple simples? I think my heart just skipped a beat!
  12. PURPLE SIMPLES! :drool:

    Ok, so someone convince me that I really don't need another pair of simple pumps, especially since i just pre-ordered the python ones on saks .this week ... anyone?