2 Short Trips, 3 Orange Boxes and 1 New Bag!

  1. I have been a fan of many of the "strip-tease" threads revealing new H-loves here, but I have never done one myself....:graucho:

    This is my first attempt.....:p.
    I'm thinking it will probably be over quick! :sweatdrop:

    Having made 2 short trips to 2 different H-Stores recently, I came back with some goodies and an arm candy I have waited months for :heart:.

    Orange BoxesTPF.jpg

    Any participants? :blush:
  2. ^ Me (hands up)!!!
  3. Oh no! I am leaving for the gym right now and won't be able to see until later today. Argghh! Those boxes look beautiful, can't wait to see what's inside them :graucho:
  4. Argh! :push:
  5. :whistle::whistle::popcorn::popcorn:
  6. :popcorn:I'm in! Can you give a hint on each one? It's so much fun to try to guess what's inside the boxes!!
  7. scarf belt and sexy kelly!
  8. 1 full sized scarf + 1 70x70 Omnibus scarf + 1 30cm Birkin?

  9. You said it's gonna be a quick one! :choochoo::popcorn:
  10. I'm guessing a scarf, belt (cheated 'cos AM told me) and a 35cm Etoupe/BJ birkin!
  11. Strip teases! I love them!!x
  12. I need to run for a dinner appointment with my girlies. Be backed tonight to look at what you've got, Accessorize*me.
  13. AM, no fair! I have to leave the house in less than an hour. ;) Congrats on your goodies. Can't wait to see the pictures. :smile:
  14. I'm in! This is the first new striptease thread that I'm able to see from the very beginning, so :yahoo:

    CAN'T WAIT :smile: and should run some errands later this day, oh no!!!
  15. Where did everyone go?? :shrugs: