2 short pages in ELLE Germany about fake-spotting! LV, Tods, Chanel, YSL, Hermes!

  1. Hi ladies and gents!

    I bought Elle Germany on Friday while I was at the train stration waiting for my train, and as I was flipping through, I saw 2 pages about fake-spotting on very popular / it bags. Much of the information is very basic, but I guess for someone who has no clue, it's pretty good!

    It's in German, so some of you may not be able to read it but I'd be more than happy to post a translation of the section you'd like :smile:



    I'd be happy to post a translation for you, if you'd like...Just lemme know which section!!
  2. oh thanks for posting this! This was fun trying to read since I haven't used German in almost 2 years. It's good to know I didn't forget everything!
  3. I appologize for the "Chanel" one not coming out too clear. I'm bad with the camera, haha.

    But I found it pretty informative, especially since I know nothing about the 255 and the Birkin :smile:
  4. Please translate if you may. thanks!!

    Looks like an interesting article
  5. Hi, would love a translation of the Hermes bit! Would you mind posting it in the H forum....I am sure all the girls would appreciate it.
  6. Thanks for posting. Dang, that Bal. Brief in white looks gorgeous!
  7. Here's the translation :smile:

    Hermes "Birkin", from 4980 EUR:

    - Elaborate plates hold the tabs/flaps that lead to the golden Lock.
    - The golden lock carries (shows) the Hermes Logo. Next to it, the padlock.
    - The stiching is absolutely flawles, because it is made by hand, and one can see it. One person makes the whole bag, this reason is the wait list approximately 12 months.
    - The Striped padlock is made out of solid stainless steel and also carries the Hermes Logo (bottom) and also has a leather key holder. The interior is just like the exterior: structured Calfsleather. I can't figure out an appropriate translation for the last sentence, sorry! If I can think of one that makes sense in English, I'll post it!
  8. Hi,

    That is great! If you could please post a translation of the Balenciaga, that would be wonderful!!
  9. If you wouldn't mind, could you post a translation of the Chanel? I can read some of it, but not all. Thank you!
  10. Thanks for posting this article!
  11. I found this the other day as well and thought of posting - great!
    I also thought that the Chanel bit was really helpful
  12. I have a feeling your going to end up translating all parts :lol:

    This is interesting. Thanks for posting! :yes:
  13. I love German Elle!!
  14. I was watching a special on TV on Friday night in regards to the Hermes bag and they stated typically there is a 12-18 month wait for these bags due they are made by hand. The show also stated if there is a flaw in the bag during the bag is discarded which means Hermes bags are flawless--there should be no imperfections. Also, the lowest price is around $6,000.00.
  15. I just realized!!!!!!!!!!

    german in high school does not help one bit!!!!!

    I am glad you posted the article, its cool that it was printed in the first place! Does it say anything we don't already know?