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  1. Thanks for the answer! I just bought the bag online :P can't wait to see it in person!
  2. Yes it definitely can be dress up or down with this bag! I’m in love with the quilting and the zippers
  3. Yay! Did u get in black or a different colour?
  4. I got the black one like yours! I thought of getting the grey one but I decided to go with the black one because it's more versatile. :smile:
  5. I am too! I wish it was mine! Lol
    I thought about your purse all day today and think I'm going to ask my husband for it for my birthday. I feel like I could get a lot of use out of it. I think I would use it in the day time and also for nights out. I feel like it is worth it because it is functional and versatile.
    Please keep this thread updated so I can see how you like it after you've used it for a while!
    Enjoy! It really is beautiful.
  6. Awesome! I love black for this design - it looks more classy! Haha! Do show me ur buy when you receive it! So excited for you!
  7. Aww happy advanced birthday to you!

    Lol so far I’ve used the bag twice and I have to say the opening of the zippers is a little small, so I do have to squeeze my hand in the bag to retrieve my items. Doesn’t really bother me but it might bother some people as the leather will get ‘squashed’ at the top.
  8. I love the Loulou bowling bag. Is it still available anywhere?
  9. I believe so - I still see personal shopper selling them in Europe under outlet sale
  10. Omg where? Can you please PM me the details? Thanks in advance! I'm looking for a black with silver hardware just lkke the one you have.
  11. Sorry the personal shoppers are based in my country, Singapore. I don't have any idea which outlet in Europe at all. You can download Telegram and follow Premiummalls
  12. @boeyshona Thanks for the great review of this bag! I haven’t seen it in person but think it is the best smaller Loulou version instead of the camera loulou or toy loulou. Love the quilting pattern and that the logo is a little more inconspicuous on the side instead of the front! Enjoy!
  13. Yes idk why this model isn't that popular, I really do like it cuz it fits as much as the camera bags! Also the leather is super luxe and squishy!