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  1. I went to Chadstone Shopping Centre in Melbourne last month and I knew I wanted to pick up a YSL bag. Neither did I know that my mum wanted one too!

    It’s always exciting picking something up directly from the boutique! Usually I’ll shop preloved first but the model that I’ve gotten isn’t that popular so there aren’t any resellers.

    Reveal: my cute loulou bowling bag! Absolutely love the Y quilting on this!

    Also I noticed that luxury goods bought at Chadstone don’t come with a leather swatch? Is that normal? My mum bought a Gucci as well and it didn’t come with any leather swatch too. I also noticed that the cards usually come with a plastic wrapping on it but mine doesn’t

    Even my bf said the zippers are really unique and different from my other bags - he doesn’t compliment my bags that much for such a small bag, it does fit in a lot of items. However because the opening is a little tight, it’s a little squeezy to take stuff out of the bag.



    Alright, on to the next reveal which is what my mum picked up! We both have similar taste so I wouldn’t mind borrowing her bag

    This is her West Hollywood bag! Love the embossed croc print!

    Yay to back pocket! Any bags with back pocket immediately gets into my radar, it’s so convenient

    Ok thanks for reading and letting me share!

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  2. Both are beautiful!! ENJOY.
  3. Gorgeous I couldn’t pick between this and the lou camera bag and tried them both on for ages. I went with the lou but this is amazing and I would love to get it one day. Enjoy!
    Also I’ve bought two bags from YSL chadstone and only one came with a leather swatch. None of my Gucci’s from the chadstone boutique came with leather swatches either but that was before their renovation.
  4. Thank you!
  5. Haha same here, the lou camera bag is definitely on my wishlist as well!! It’s so minimalist as well due to the subtle logo! Lol none of my bags that I bought from Chadstone came with leather swatches either - I thought that was weird!!
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  6. The LouLou collection is my absolute favourite. Love your camera bag and the YSL detailing.
  7. Thank you yes the loulou collection is fantastic so far but it’s all so confusing because there are so many bags with the same names
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  8. Congrats on both, is the west hollywood in small? I have the medium west hollywood in palissandre, luv wearing it daily to my grad school :amuse:
  9. Thank you, one of them belongs to my mum tho hahaha! The West Hollywood is in medium - quite a big bag for all your essentials! Wow palissandre is a very nice colour!
  10. Thanks, omg i luv mine :amuse: the textured leather is so durable n scratch proof, way more hardwearing than my loulou n yeah its a good sized medium bag which fits all i ever need to school or for travelling :heart:

  11. Can the strap be adjusted? I’ve been debating to get Loulou bowling bag or Sunset bag..
  12. For the lou lou bowling bag, the straps isn’t adjustable! West Hollywood the straps are adjustable!
  13. I love the one you got! Your mother's is nice too but I really love yours!
  14. Thank you! Yes I love my pick!! Haha it’s quite a spacious bag for something this small lol
  15. It's beautiful. I bet you could fit a lot in it. the shape makes for good space utilization .
    I like it a lot because I think it's versatile. You could easily wear it for daily life like shopping trips or to work but could also dress it up a bit too . It can be used for some dinners or going out with friends for the night.