2 reveals and should i keep this one??? Please help!

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  1. Hi Everyone, It's been a while. Thanks for letting me share! Thanks to a tpf member I found out about this agenda cover, which is similar to the size of the desk agenda for $360.00. I made my own little setup with a 6X8 notebook. I recently bought this Neverfull of ebay for $799 which the seller said it was in Excellent condition. I was so disappointed when I received it. The inside is in Excellent condition, but the straps are horrible!!! My question is should I keep it since it's made in the USA and was only $799? Or should I return it and buy a new bag since she offered to refund me... minus shipping. Thanks in advance!!!
    FullSizeRender.jpg FullSizeRender_1.jpg FullSizeRender_2.jpg FullSizeRender_3.jpg FullSizeRender_4.jpg IMG_9827.JPG IMG_9828.JPG IMG_9829.JPG IMG_9830.JPG
  2. Congrats on the agenda cover and I would send that NF back.

  3. My thoughts exactly ...return asap
  4. Thanks... I'll send it back asap!!!
  5. I would definitely send back the Neverful!
  6. I was thinking for the price maybe I could get the straps repaired. Thanks
  7. no, i would send that NF back. If its just wrinkling on the strap that's one thing but it looks like the glazing came off completely on your pic, $800 is asking too much for that condition. the strap replacement will probably set u back a couple of hundred, mind as well buy new.
  8. I would send back, especially considering you are not happy with the condition!

  9. Yes
  10. Another vote to send back. Congrats on the agenda cover though.
  11. Sorry to hear about the NF, but congrats on the cover. What is the official name? I've been looking for something exactly like that but I can't seem to find it on the site.

    Thank you!
  12. Thanks the adgena cover is called Couv. Carnet GM #M60467
  13. Send the NF back. There are tons of them out there for good prices. That 799 will turn into 1100 when you have to have those straps replaced!
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    Return unless she can give you the receipt so you can fix it when you want - if that's really a "deal" - I'm not up to date on preloved NF DE prices. GL deciding!
  15. If you don't like the NF return it, I believe you can get a better condition at that price point. Don't forget you can get free return shipping via PayPal. Up to $30!! So if you do send it back then you should make a copy of the receipt of the return label and PayPal will refund the return shipping.