2 Questions

  1. Here are some questions I've been meaning to ask everybody for a LONG time now. And yup, I'll make this post on topic somehow. There're two questions:

    - How did you come up with your name? (I've asked this at General Discussion but not many from Hermes subforum had answered)
    - :back2topic: Your UTMOST favorite Hermes item? It can be bags, accessories, RTW, anything but you can only name ONE
  2. My name? well, my real name is Kristie, and my surname starts with an F......I originally was Kelly Bag-Lady, but I couldn't log-in for some reason, and had to re-register........kinda wish I hadn't used my real name sometimes!!

    Second question EASY - The Kelly Bag. No question.
  3. 1. La Vanguardia is Spanish for avant-garde. It's also a Spanish newspaper, but that has nothing to do with my name lol!!!

    2. Hermès Kelly, rigid
  4. 1. My name is Kathleen. I know, not very original.:shame:
    2. 30 cm chevre Birkin in any color
  5. How about you Kou?

    Let me guess that your favorite Hermès has to be one in fuchsia ostrich!
  6. Well my name comes from my SO's first name and so on...

    My favorite Hermes bag is an ostrich or chevre birkin 30cm or 35cm in the colors fuschia, orange, turquoise, or purple.
  7. Kou Kanamiya - The name that I use when I'm online and when I'm in the cosplay (costume play), anime, and manga circle. Kou Kanamiya when written in kanji means Brilliance or Brilliant Fire for Kou, and God's Fortress/Palace for Kanamiya. It's also the name of an original character.

    Favorite Hermes Item - Definitely Kelly!! Color and leather are: Fuchsia Ostrich and Baby Rose Porosus Croc
  8. mrssparkles - I use one username for my online boards. My name was first created when I joined a diamond forum.
  9. GraceKelly...DUH!!!

    chevre Kelly or croc Kelly, it's hard to decide which!
  10. Ladystara: I made up mine when I first started going online on Mirc. I wanted a feminime name and I liked the stars..so I just ended up with this name at the suggestion of a friend.

    Favorite Hermes Bag: 32 cm Black Box Kelly :biggrin:
  11. lovehermes...I just love Hermes!!

    Favorite Hermes Bag...35cm Kelly in all combos!!
  12. crochetbella...crochet is my favorite hobby and crochetbella is the name of my custom crochet business.

    Favorite: Evelyne :flowers:
  13. My screen name is a princess thing. When I first subscribed to AOL I kept trying to come up with a username that was a version of my name but it is so common that everything good was taken. I was about to give up and let them assign me some random screen name when I looked on the floor and saw a magazine with Princess Diana and Princess Grace on the cover. AOL took dianagrace and I have used it ever since.

    My favorite item is of course, the Kelly Bag
  14. Sarah-girl: Sarah is my name,:smile: and Sarah-girl is a nick-name that was given to me by a great friend of mine when I was a tad younger and i like to cling to the thought that I am still a girl, :girlsigh: .....

    My Very Favorite Hermes would be a 35cm Birkin in all natural Barenia:heart:
  15. "jag"- is my username because those are my initials. For those who don't already know, my first name is Jill:flowers:

    Favorite item: This changes daily thanks to tPF. But today, it is the cocoan matte croc birkin, or blue jean croc birkin or kelly!!!:love: