2 questions

  1. First question -

    How can I save the font style, size and color so I wont have to keep on going to choose it everytime I want to reply to a post or post a new one?

    Second question -

    How can i do a post of a print screen?

    I had another question but I cannot remember what it was!! :push:
  2. I just came in to this forum to ask the same question about the font! It would be great if there was a way to save the setting!

    To post a screen print--

    -capture the screen by hitting the "printscreen" or "prntSc" key on your keyboard
    -paste it into Paint or other photo editing software and save it as a .jpg file
    -resize the image and post as an attachment or upload it onto a photo hosting site and post it using the images URL and the html image tags
  3. ^ I tryed that and somehow is not working, I am probably doing it wrong. :push:I will try again.:yes:

    Ohh and I remember what my other how to question. :rolleyes:

    How can I quote multiple people in the same reply?

  4. To quote multiple people in the same reply:

    Hit the qoute button on the first post you want to quote, then copy the quoted msg (CTRL+C) then hit the back button on your browser, then hit the quote button for the nest msg you want to quote- paste (CTRL+V) the last quote you copied into that message body and voila! If you need to quote another one- just copy those two quotes and repeat!

    There may be another way to do this but that's the only way I know how! Good luck!
  5. By using the multi-quote button, which can be found on the bottom right of a post (there are three buttons as you can see, the multi-quote is the one in the middle)

    Click on the multi-quote button on the posts (with a maximum of 5) that you wanna quote and then click on post reply. The quotes will then appear in your reply box.
  6. Example:

  7. You can not save the font settings permanently.

    I believe it is preferable to most people to read posts in this default style anyway. :idea:
  8. I agree :yes: And that's such a nice way of putting it :lol:
  9. I know, I am nice like that. :upsidedown:
  10. Multi- quote!! Oh I love it! So much simpler than the way I was doing it! Great feature!

  11. Ok got it - thanks

  12. testing... great!!

    Yes normal font is best. I started off making mine purple (same size)... and I soon gave up on that!!
  13. Vlad - is there any way of keeping the quoted text within a quote? I noticed that in some boards, people are able to quote someone who has quoted another person and both quotes show up. This is not the case in tPF.....we can only quote a person and lose what that person has quoted. Geez, I hope I'm making sense.....
  14. ^ i think this would be useful. :yes:
  15. This feature is off for a reason. Earlier versions of the forum software had cascaded quotes enabled which often resulted in unreadable threads because people kept quoting and you'd end up with dozens of quotes within one response. Also, very long pages were the result in busy threads.

    The best way to go about tracking back the previous quotes are to use this arrow: [​IMG] It'll bring you right back to the quoted post.