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  1. 1 - can anyone tell me if a swingpack will hold a diaper and a to go wipes box. I really just need something simple to keep my keys, cell, and a diaper and wipes box in when my little one and I go out an about and I don't want to lug my big Coach with me. I may just go to coach and try one out to see if it will fit, but I thought I would ask all you experts first!

    2 - does anyone know if they will bring back that oh-so-cute denim patchwork design from last summer and if so when should I watch for the new summer stuff?? If I do get a swingpack I will wait for the summer line as none of the ones out right now make me do a cartwheel!
  2. i am not sure if a swing pack will hold what you need.

    for old patchwork styles, go to the outlet.
  3. That is probably ALL it would hold - IF the diaper is a smaller size and not one for an older toddler/child. If not, it might be too tall to fit in a swing pack. I just took a swing pack back to the outlet and bought a duffle instead! I like the cross-body option, but need more space to carry my daughter's stuff. I'd say go with a duffle!!
  4. thw swingpacks are liiiiiiiiiiittttle, they are super super thin, a diaper may even feel a little thick. I woulg go for something a little bigger, maybe a hip pack/pouch?

    check eBay or the outlets for denim patchwork
  5. I would doubt that the swing pack would hold a to go wipes box and a diaper. In the unlikely even it did, I guarantee you would not be able to cram your keys in next to them.

    A duffle is a much more realistic option.
  6. A File Bag is a little bigger...
  7. I have a duffle and it is a little bigger than I wanted to carry on walks or to the park. So i got a swing pack from the outlet that is a little deeper than the swing packs available at the boutique right now. Its a soho swing pack and it can actually fit a diaper, soft pack of wipes, my ids, keys, cell phone, and I could probably jam my camera in there too. It is all leather so you don't have to worry about getting the straps dirty like on the hamptons and sig stripe swings. It looks just like this one only I got the saddle color. (130091678183 eBay)The other thing about this swing pack is that you can actually open the zipper and really look into the purse -it opens a lot wider and is softer than the other swings - no more blind-rummaging for your keys!!!
  8. A swingbag is little,i have a duffle and i can put a lot of things inside.
  9. I carry a diaper and wipes in my swingpack and it works well for me. Also, the watercolor stripe swingpack just hit the stores today. It's very cute and summery, if you like the watercolor stripe. Good Luck!
  10. 1) Probably not.
  11. I'd try the duffle... it's basically the same style but bigger and a bit thicker..
  12. I think the swingpack is too small...since you want to be able to through your wallet and keys in there too......and think unless the outlets bring in a special for outlets version of last years indigo patchwork...or something magically appears (as happens in outlets occasionally....) eBay is your best bet to get indigo patchwork. But be sure to use the resources in the authenticate this tab before bidding on ebay!