2 questions: what size computer monitor and broadband speed do you have?

  1. Some friend and my husband has been talking me into getting a new broadband line for our home. To be honest, I sort think that it is unnecessary to upgrade from our 2Mbps leased line because the most complicated thing I do is watch streaming BBC videos, LOL and everything seems instantaneous. But then my friend says that everyone is now on 8Mbps and we should upgrade, it doesnot cost much but is it really true that the standard speed in the developed countries should be 8Mbps?

    And another question which we are on the subject of computers that I am curious about, what size (in inches) and resolution computer screen do you use. I'm using a 30-inch Apple 2560x1600 LCD screen to view the Purse Forum and sometimes the 800x600 pics that I upload are coming up a bit small so I am asking to test the water and see whether I should be uploading a bigger size - may be 1024x768 but this will be inconvenience for other ladies because it would mean you have to scroll sideways to see the whole picture unless the majority is already using a huge screen as well.
  2. I have a 2Mbps line. This satisfies my needs for accesing Linux remotely and running code. I see no difference in response time at all.
  3. in copenhagen i have 4mbps because that's as fast as my crappy isp goes, in london it's 10 or 12 or something, in finland it's 10+ and in sweden it's really fast so it might be 20. tbh once you get to those sorts of speeds it doesn't make a huge difference unless you're downloading really big files.

    as for the monitor i have a 15.4" macbook pro so no monitor. i'd love a 30" one though. i usually have my browser take up about half the screen (i watch tv shows on the other half a lot of the time, i'm a bit of a multitasker) and 800x600 (my screen is 1440x900) pics take up a little less than that. so what i think you should do is downgrade to a smaller screen and give me the one you have now so you don't have to suffer from looking at such small pics :graucho:
  4. On 5mbps at home, which is WAY more than what we require to be honest :p But I'm not complaining! Especially when I get in the mood for watching videos!

    OMGosh! My bf has the 30-inch Apple LCD screen too, and it's perfect to watch movies on! We've been so spoilt since he got it, and we've spent entire weekends just watching DVDS in bed since :shame:
  5. i have a 15.4" laptop and i'm on a T1 line since i live on campus at my college. i think most people in Atlanta have 3 mbps, but i haven't lived there in 2.5 years so they may be pushing something faster now.
  6. I have a 12" laptop, but when I use it at home I connect it to a 17" LCD monitor as well. My speed is about 2 mbps and frankly, I don't really need anything more although it is a bit annoying that on the other side of the border (Sweden) 20 mbps is normal.. bah.
  7. We have a 3Mbps at home and feel it's enough. I also use a powerbook g4 15.4 inch laptop but also use a pc desktop with a 23 inch widescreen LCD and feel it's more than enough.
  8. I wouldn't want to be the person that causes you to damage your eyesight by squinting at the screen, LOL. :graucho:
  9. I have the cheapest flat 17 inch monitor offered by Wal-Mart. Most gray looks pink, which is not really a bad thing. I like pink.

    What is this "broadband" that you speak of?
  10. Bah. I think your broadband speed is probably fine. If you are happy with it, leave it alone. As for monitor size, I am on a 17" Apple widescreen, and most people are probably using a 17 or 19" monitor. I wouldn't go any larger than your current 800 pixel picture size, it fits nicely on most monitors. I would love a 30" monitor. When I upgrade my Mac I will probably head for a 21" monitor, 30" is a major upgrade.