2 Questions: What comes in white and comfy shoulder bag?

  1. As the title said....

    I've seen the white Spy (like this one on eLux atm). Are there any variations? Like with a different color handle or something?

    And... is the Spy a comfy shoulder bag? I've seen pics of people using them as a shoulder bag, but it looks like a tight fit.
  2. Initially I find it a little stiff but as time goes by it will feel better. ^^
  3. They are not good to carry on the shoulder if you have a coat on but fine with a T-shirt or top, very comforable. They did do them in red/white and green/white but thats no longer available unless you find one on eBay or someone selling one. Their is the white Wisteria which is lovely
  4. There are 2 spys I know of that feel comfortable over the shoulder. The pocket spy, a smaller version of spy, has a 9 inch drop. I don't believe it comes in white. The large spy (discontinued? not sure, spy experts let me know) has an 8 inch drop and is a few inches wider than the regular spy. I have both and they fit over the shoulder very comfortably. Believe there is a version of the large spy with black or red handles that comes in white coated leather....but most likely hard to find. Other TPFers may have better info, I am a new collector. The regular standard spy, the drop is 6 inch drop, only petite person could shoulder it.